Book: Consider The Lilies

by Grandfather Duncan Shoko Sings-Alone Roshi’s newest book!


Indeed, this Lakota Ceremonialist, Cherokee by birth is a Zen teacher! And he is a priest, psychologist, psychotherapist, talented musician, professional story teller, all embodied in a gentle spirit and soft heart.

It is our great honor to present to you Grandfather Duncan Shoko Sings-Alone Roshi, author of “Consider the Lilies”.

The seven chapters of this book represent the culmination of a spiritual life lived now for 90 years.

These may be his final teachings for us. Such works are called in Zen, a shinfa, the HeartMind teachings of a lifetime. As you hold and read this book, you are holding and manifesting Shoko Roshi’s presence. You are hearing not just his authentic voice, but entering directly into his HeartMind and way of being.