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Upcoming Courses:

Our classes and workshops explore and expand upon our 8 Core Practices. They present the knowledge and skills necessary to live life as Practice Enlightenment itself; how to engage each moment in its co-creative, interactive fluidity. They present ways of training toward generosity, good conduct, vital effort, patience, pure presence, concentration, and wisdom.

Fall 2024 Ango

Fall 2024 Ango

Ango (安居) is a three-month period of intense Zen training with a personal practice commitment.

On Demand Courses:

In this section you will find recorded courses that you can register for and take in your own time.

Book: Consider The Lilies

Book: Consider The Lilies

This wonderful book by Grandfather Duncan Shoko Sings-Alone Roshi, contains wisdom, how to work with oneself, how to be in relationships and community, how to face old age and death and how to live well.
Each and every one of us is encouraged not to search too far but be intimately close with oneself.

Dharma Talks:

A selection of free Dharma talks from Roshi Genki, Roshi Genmitsu and Rev. Sansui


Listen to a selection of Roshi Genki’s audio Dharma talks